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Find Suboxone doctors in Cincinnati OH area who are licensed to prescribe Suboxone and Subutex for opioid addiction.All Cincinnati Suboxone Doctors authorized to treat opioid addiction with Buprenorphine.

Deborah Fritz

Groups: recover together
47 E. Hollister Street
Cincinnati, OH 45245
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Oluyemi Aina

4355 Ferguson Drive
Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45245
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Ashraf S. Nassef

4404 GlenEste Withamsville Road
Cincinnati, OH 45245
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Hal S. Blatman

10653 Techwoods Circle
Suite 101
Cincinnati, OH 45242
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Leonid Macheret

Partners In Wellness, Inc.
12087 Sheraton Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45246
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Jeffrey P. Bill

7597 Bridgetown Road
Cincinnati, OH 45248
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Nabila Babar

6107-A Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
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Abdelrhman Abdelaziz Soliman

Individual Care Center
8833 Chapel Square Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45249
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Cheryl Bailey Salary

Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy
2446 Kiping Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45239
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Emmett George Cooper

125 William Howard Taft Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45237
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