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Find Suboxone doctors in Houston TX area who are licensed to prescribe Suboxone and Subutex for opioid addiction.All Houston Suboxone Doctors authorized to treat opioid addiction with Buprenorphine.

Scott Ellis Sprabery

3701 Kirby Drive
Suite 570
Houston, TX 77098
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Charles DeJohn

VA Hospital, Rm. 6B-115, MHCL
2002 Holcombe Boulevard
Houston, TX 77030
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Ben H. Echols

2616 South Loop West
Unit 235
Houston, TX 77054
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Ralph Franklin Coleman

11732 Wilcrest
Houston, TX 77099
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David Cyril Kay

1416-B Campbell Road
Suite 201
Houston, TX 77055
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Valdesha L. Ball

1655 Nichole Woods Drive
Houston, TX 77047
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Jason D. Baron

5500 Guhn Road
Houston, TX 77040
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John W. Young

15622 Silver Ridge Drive
Houston, TX 77069
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Barry F. Bass

Center for Pain Recovery
9920 Cypresswood Drive
Houston, TX 77070
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Utpal Ghosh

2002 Holocombe Boulevard
Mail code 111 PC
Houston, TX 77030
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